This is the first time we have ever needed to put Ollie into boarding and at 2 years old we were a bit apprehensive as to whether he would be ok and behave with anyone as he’s never been without us. After a heavy screening process of quite a few different other boarders Megan was definitely the best choice. We visited before leaving Ollie and what we seen was just amazing. Ollie being a working stock lab just loves to be outside and running which there is in abundance of at Borthwick’s Boarding. We were immediately put at ease as Megan has working labs herself and clearly knows what she’s doing. An impressive display that she is the Alpha and Ollie’s keenness to please and be loved ensured Ollie had a great time. We were able to see numerous photos of Ollie on his walks and mixing with the other dogs boarding. He looked like he had so much fun and to be honest even seemed as though he was being very well behaved. Megan we can’t thank you enough and we all (including Ollie) will be looking forward to Ollie staying again. Highly recommended. Thanks again.

Paul Arrel